Poems from the Sidewalks is a research book about continuous investigation of the utilitarian codes, notes, and symbolic markings on street and sidewalks. In this project, I draw on ideas from the field of psychogeography which explores ways of defamiliarizing the urban environment, allowing us to see our surroundings or the objects of everyday life with fresh eyes. This opens a unique perspective to see the signs and notations found on our streets in a different way. When I take different pathways through the city, these obscure signs, symbols, and notes are read in a unique syntax. One set of marks I commonly encounter are the spray painted indicators made by utility workers. Although those words and marks are often completely unclear, they are actually a distinct language based on the Utility Marking Standards established by the American Public Works Association.

This book demonstrates the thesis concept, thoughts, and design process as well as a methodology development. More contents of this book are available at here.