Birds, Experimental Typeface

Birds is a new type system based on the geometrical abstract morphologic space system that uses typographic ligatures. The purpose of this type system is to explore a visual language that describes prevalent messages and information with ligatures that create a simultaneous sensory effect. In typography, ligatures are “two or more letters that are connected to form one character as a single glyph.” I want to discover and create a type system that has an equivalent correspondence form in visual semantics.

Manfredo Massironi’s The Psychology of Graphic Images

The process of creating a font is based on a visual perception game that is originally from the book The Psychology of Graphic Image by Manfredo Massironi.

Birds Letterform, Uppercase and Lowercase

Poetry opens comprehensive venues for understanding by speaking and listening. This poem is engaging with Birds type system and it enhances the consistency of the contents.

He. Where thou dwellest, in what grove, Tell me Fair One, tell me Love; Where thou thy charming nest dost build, O thou pride of every field!

She. Yonder stands a lonely tree, There I live and mourn for thee Morning drinks my silent tear, And evening winds my sorrow bear.

He. O thou summer’s harmony, I have liv’d and mourn’d for thee; Each day I mourn along the wood, And night hath heard my sorrows loud.

She. Dost thou truly long for me? And am I thus sweet to thee?Sorrow now is at an end, O my Lover and my Friend!

He. Come, on wings of joy we’ll fly To where my bower hangs on high; Come, and make thy calm retreatAmong green leaves and blossoms sweet.

The Birds by William Blake



Birds, Specimen book

There is no meaning of the doodle and the letterforms that created from it. Also, there is no relationship between this set of signs and our cognition of a bird. However, when it combined through their ligatures, they represent a flock of birds.